Do YOU like FREE stuff?

Do YOU like free stuff? Do YOU want to help Special Olympics Louisiana? Do YOU have a few minutes a month?

If YOU answered YES, to any of the above then YOU should sign up for our free, monthly e-newsletter! Our e-news help us save on postage, you will be the first to know all the inside scoop and it only takes a few minutes a month to read!

Pick which e-newsletter you would like to receive:
– The Flame is distributed to all members of the Law Enforcement Torch Run bimonthly
– Inside SOLA is distributed to all Sponsors/Donors quarterly
– SOLA’s SOUL is distributed to all Volunteers monthly
– SOLA H.E.A.T. is distributed to all family members, coaches and athletes bimonthly
– Torchbearer is distributed to all constituents twice a year

Click here to sign up for e-news, in the comment box, please list which newsletter you would like to receive. You may unsubscribe at any time and your contact information will not be shared. Thank you for helping us save money!

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