Tennis Program Thrives thanks to Donors

The Southern Oilman’s Tennis Tournament and the Kim & Don Richards Family Foundation joined together to promote the sport of tennis to Special Olympics Louisiana athletes.  In 2011, twelve athletes competed in tennis competitions at the parish, area and state level. In 2012, that number doubled to 25 athletes!

Recently, Special Olympics Louisiana sent two coaches and two athletes to attend the Kim & Don Richards Match Point Tournament. Also, this year alone 368 people with and without intellectual disabilities were exposed to tennis through clinics held at various summer sports camps hosted around the state. These clinics were held because of the generous financial support of the Southern Oilman’s Tennis Tournament and the Kim & Don Richards Family Foundation. Read more

Tennis Unified partner and athlete at Camp Shriver

World Winter Games

It is kind of hard to think about winter right now, with the humidity and temperatures in Louisiana, but in a few short months the 2013 World Winter Games will take place in PyeongChang, South Korea, January 29th – February 5th. 

“The 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games will feature world-class competition in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, figure skating, snowboarding and speedskating, among other sports,” according to Special Olympics website.

This event, which will feature athletes from all around the world with be the 10th Special Olympics World Winter Games and will be one of the largest winter multi-sport events ever held in South Korea!  One of our own law enforcement offices, Ninoska Guggenheim, will be running the torch in the Final Leg of the Torch Run!

To learn more and to stay updated check out the World Winter Games website.

Wall of Honor

Special Olympics Louisiana is offering its supporters a chance to honor those individuals who have made a significant impact in our program. The size of the “Wall of Honor” at our state headquarters is going to be enlarged. This is an opportunity to have your name or the name of a loved one permanently displayed. We have three different medal types available: Gold, Silver and Bronze. If interested, check out the order form below.

Special Olympics Louisiana Wall of Honor

CEO Corner – Talent

CEO CornerMany of you watch the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent”.  Did you know Special Olympics athletes have talent. Some of our athletes can sing beautifully, draw and paint.  Do you know of someone who has a terrific talent within Special Olympics Louisiana?

Pat Carpenter Bourgeois
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

Special Olympics & Paralympics

The Paralympics will soon begin in London, here are a few tidbits about the relationship between Special Olympics, Paralympics, and Olympics.

It was nearly 25 years ago when the IOC (International Olympic Committee) first recognized Special Olympics during the 1988 Winter Olympics. In 2009, the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) membership voted to include athletes with intellectual disability in competitions, starting with the 2012 London Summer Games.

What’s the Difference?
Special Olympics and Paralympics are two separate organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They are similar in that they both focus on sport for athletes with a disability. Apart from that, Special Olympics and the Paralympics differ in three main areas: 1) the disability categories of the athletes that they work with, 2) the criteria and philosophy under which athletes participate, and 3) the structure of their respective organizations.

To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics, athletes must have an intellectual disability; a cognitive delay, or a development disability, that is, functional limitations in both general learning and adaptive skills. (They may also have a physical disability.) Paralympics welcomes athletes from six main disability categories: amputee, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, visually impaired, spinal injuries and Les Autres (French for “the others”, a category that includes conditions that do not fall into the categories mentioned before). To participate in the Paralympic Games, athletes have to fulfill certain criteria and meet certain qualifying standards in order to be eligible. Read More

View the Quick Facts about the Olympics, Special Olympics and Paralympics.

Why Not?

Are you looking to be more involved in your community?  Are you searching for something to do in your free time, but want to make an impact?  Are you ready to do something?Volunteers

Why not volunteer with Special Olympics Louisiana?!  Why not volunteer for a state event?  We need hundreds of volunteers to make these events possible.  Why not volunteer for a fundraising event?  Yes, it is not a competition, but it does help us raise funds for parish, area, and state competitions.  Why not volunteer at our office?  We are some fun folks!  Plus you will be helping our athletes!

So, the next time you think about volunteering, send us an email or call us at 1-800-345-6644 and let us know what event YOU will be volunteering for!