SOLA Athletes Play Ball

This past weekend was jam packed with fun activities for us!  On Friday, athletes from the Baton Rouge area were treated to a LSU volleyball game inside the PMAC.  During halftime of the game, our athletes took the court to play a unLSU Volleyball with SOLA Athletesified game with the LSU sand volleyball team!

Then, on Saturday, the Southeastern Football team hosted a flag football clinic!  Athletes were put through different drills including, passing, agility, running, and kicking drills.  After, they were given a facility tour of the football operations SLU Football with SOLA Athletebuilding and were shown a hype video in the team film room.  To cap off the day, minutes before kickoff, our athletes took the field in Strawberry Stadium to play a unified football game!

A huge THANK YOU to both the LSU volleyball staff and the Southeastern football staff for showing our athletes a great time!  #GeauxTigers and #LionUp



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