Testimonial Thursday

Below is a first-hand testimonial from one of our Unified Partners, Brodie Russo.

“When I was younger and in school I was judgmental and clowned about special needs people.  But, man how wrong and misguided I was! Since joining Special Olympics 4 years ago my life has been forever changed! I learned how very “special” all of these athletes are.  I have been touched by so many different situations and stories! When you see the smile on there faces and the heart that they show during coAthlete with Unified Partner Brodie Russompetition, you would never know that they may have come from an extremely broken home. My heart has been
changed as well as my outlook on life! I could name a list of athletes that have personally touched my life, but I would be writing for days. I have made so many friends and have so many amazing memories! If you don’t know a person with special needs then meet one.  If you are bored or have been looking for something new then come volunteer with Special Olympics and I promise you won’t regret it. Just know that God doesn’t make mistakes and he definitely made no mistakes when he made my friends.  I challenge you to meet someone with a disability and truly get to know them because your life will never be the same after that!”  ~Brodie Russo 


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