American Graduate Day


On Saturday September 27th (EKS Day) Special Olympics will be participating in “American Graduate Day,” a 7-hour live national broadcast on PBS, addressing the issue of graduation rates in the United States. And for the first time in its history, special education and Special Olympics’ work in schools will be a part of this exciting conversation!

Tune in to your local PBS station on September 27th between 1:30 and 2:30 PM CST to meet athlete and youth leaders Alexa and Brooke from Special Olympics New Jersey and hear their story. A message from SOI Chairman Tim Shriver is also scheduled to be featured in the broadcast. Alexa and Brooke are scheduled to be on air close to 1:45 PM, but it is a live broadcast, hence the one hour window we’ve shared.

Check your local listings for more information. The broadcast will also be streamed live on the American Graduation Day website

We are thrilled to be a featured part of this national conversation addressing a critical issue for students with and without intellectual disabilities.

Don’t forget to tune in!


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