Meet Annie


Annie Gaubert has been a volunteer coach with Special Olympics Louisiana for five years.  Annie is from St. Charles Parish and is a dedicated volunteer who loves working with athletes from St. Charles Parish and the Bayouland Area.  She has built relationships with athletes, unified partners, and family members through her service as a coach with Special Olympics.  Annie’s passion has been to integrate soccer into our Special Olympics sports program to be initially introduced in St. Charles Parish.  Her dedication in working to make this happen has finally paid off!  She will begin Soccer practice on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 in St. Charles Parish with the formation of two Unified Soccer Teams.  On April 30th Special Olympics Louisiana will host the first of many soccer tournaments for the state. All of which began in St. Charles Parish because of one dedicated volunteer who had a passion for soccer and knew that athletes, unified partners, and athletes’ families would find joy and benefit from participating in this sport.  The soccer tournament will be hosted at Destrehan High School in St. Charles Parish.

Annie has achieved many accomplishments through her years of volunteer service with Special Olympics Louisiana.  Annie participated in the Special Olympics USA Games in 2015 in Princeton, New Jersey as a Bocce unified partner. She has also participated in Over the Edge in 2015 – an annual Special Olympics Louisiana fundraiser, leads the Aquatics program in St. Charles Parish,  assists with Young Athletes Challenger Unified Baseball Program and Shooting Stars Unified Basketball Program, and she works as a para educator in the St. Charles Parish School System at Norco Elementary with special needs children.  Annie also serves as the volunteer site coordinator for the “Let’s All Play Summer Camp” Program, a unified camp that include those with and without ID’s along with a number of Young Athletes who also participate in this program. Thank you, Annie, for everything you do!



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