Meet Kayla


Story by: Cayla’s father, Derek Lane

Cayla Lane entered life as a micro preemie, at one pound thirteen ounces. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and she underwent nineteen brain surgeries. The doctors were very doubtful that she would be able talk, walk, or even run.

She proved them wrong! Cayla is now a senior in high school taking all regular education classes and enjoys working with physical fitness themed classes.

By the time Cayla was nine, she had to have surgery to remove her tibia, and she bounced back. Cayla loves to sing, despite having vocal damage as a child, she bounced back from that again too. Cayla even proved this, as well as her love for her favorite artist, Justin Bieber, as she took the stage on karaoke night while on her cruise.

Although Cayla has had many hurdles to overcome, she has been competing with Special Olympics Louisiana for over six years in power lifting, bocce, track and field, bowling, and swimming. She always brings a smile to every competition. When Cayla initially began swimming she could not even pull her arm out of the water, but now she does the backstroke and has been greatly improving.

Upon graduation from high school, Cayla plans to attend a college in Bossier, LA and will be possibly majoring in General Studies.


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