November Athlete Spotlight: Rebecca Marceaux

Rebecca Marceaux.JPGNAME: Rebecca Marceaux
HOME TOWN: New Iberia, LA
SPORTS: Athletics, Bowling, and Softball
AGE: 30

Q:  Have you ever attended a World or National Games?
A:  Yes. I competed in the 2010 National Games in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was so much fun I didn’t want to come home!


Q: What are some interesting things about you?
A:   I love to watch Stephen King movies and listen to country music. I am also engaged and will be getting married in 2018! I have a cat named Missy who is not friendly and loves to hiss at people. She rules my house.

Q: What was your life like before Special Olympics?
A:  I had less friends and I didn’t exercise. I wasn’t active.

Q: What are your goals?
A:  I want to get married, buy a home, and have kids.


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