Giving2PlayCreative_FB1_V1.gifThere are athletes in every corner of Louisiana waiting for your gift to get in the game.And on this #Giving2Play day, your gift will be MATCHED.

Your gift today will have DOUBLE the impact to; help twice as many athletes, change twice as many lives, and double the amount of joy. We can’t do this without you. The offer only lasts until midnight, so give now.

Right now there are millions of potential athletes sitting on the benches waiting for their chance to get in the game. They don’t know what it feels like to win a game at the buzzer, block a shot, or sink a three pointer. But even more they don’t know the overwhelming joy that comes with representing their home state of Louisiana. Today, you can change that!

You can be the change an athlete needs. You can be the difference in their lives. And today, your gift will have double the impact. Don’t hesitate, step up today.

P.S. This match doesn’t last forever. In fact, it’s already halfway done, so don’t hesitate. Give today.

Donate Now!


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