50th Anniversary

Martin Maher/Freelance

50 Years of Empowerment

Since 1968, Special Olympics Louisiana has been changing attitudes about the talents of people with intellectual disabilities. Since 1968, Special Olympics has been changing the world! Starting in 2018, we are celebrating 50 years of creating a more inclusive, welcoming world for all. Join us — and Change the Game!

We are asking our supporters to pledge $50 to Special Olympics Louisiana in honor of our 50th Anniversary. You may be a part of our past and now we want you to become part of our future! Your donations and efforts will build inclusive and healthy communities, empower our athletes to become leaders of change, and provide a chance to know the true benefit of sports and athletic competition through participation in the Special Olympics program. Special Olympics Louisiana is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 72-0706608, 501(c) (3) organization, incorporated in the State of Louisiana.

Our 50th Anniversary gives us an opportunity to remember YOU in 50 years!

Donors who make a gift in the amount of $50 will become a Champion of Change and will receive a 50th Anniversary Commemorative Package.  The package will include a thank you from an athlete, a commemorative coin, and a letter for tax purposes.  We will also include the names of the $50 donors in a time capsule.  The capsule ceremony will take place at our 50th Anniversary celebration on June 21st, 2018.

We have also added an additional option for those who wish to give $100 or more.  These donors will receive the commemorative package above, and will have the opportunity to write a letter to family or friends to be included in the time capsule to be opened in 50 years. If you would like to include a letter, please see further guidelines for your donation and letter below.

  1. Make a donation in the amount of $100 or larger online here or by mail. Checks may be sent to: Special Olympics Louisiana, 1000 East Morris Ave, Hammond, LA 70401.If you would prefer to make a donation by mail, Please include 50th Anniversary in the note section. Please also add the name you wish to include for the time capsule in the “for” column of a check.
  2. Write your letter and address to the “Family of” or “Friends of” ______________ (your name).
  3. Send your letter into us. Letters can be emailed to laso@laso.org or mailed to Special Olympics Louisiana, 1000 East Morris Ave, Hammond, LA 70401. Letters will be privately copied to preservation paper.
  4. Please remember to include this information in your will so your family and friends can receive your letter when the time capsule is opened at the Special Olympics Louisiana state office on June 21, 2068 at 1:00 PM.

In order for your name and/or letter to be included in the capsule the donation and letter must be received on or before June 1, 2018.  One name per $50 donation and one letter per $100 donation or greater. Thank you for celebrating 50 years of joy, courage, and empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities with Special Olympics Louisiana.

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