Fans in the Stands?

CEO CornerSpecial Olympics wants to better engage individuals in the community.  The State Fall Classic is this weekend in Carencro, LA.  More than likely there will be a few parents, volunteers, coaches and teams in the stand watching the athletes participate.  The stands are almost never full.  The community doesn’t know about the event even though we send press releases to local papers and take other steps to get the word to the community. How can we overcome this issue and put “Fans in the Stands”? Tell us your opinion!

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

CEO Corner – Talent

CEO CornerMany of you watch the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent”.  Did you know Special Olympics athletes have talent. Some of our athletes can sing beautifully, draw and paint.  Do you know of someone who has a terrific talent within Special Olympics Louisiana?

Pat Carpenter Bourgeois
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

CEO Corner: Busy Times

CEO CornerPeople are busier today than ever.  The kids have to be shuffled from event to event, work day hours turn into night time hours, meals have to be prepared.  How can you give back to your community when you have so much to do? Is there ever time for fun? How do you decide to become involved in your community?  What does an organization do to make you feel needed and valued?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois,
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

Changing Perceptions

CEO CornerI meet people every day, some know a lot about Special Olympics and some know very little. I started to think about those who are unfamiliar with Special Olympics…what are their preconceived notions as to who we are and what we do? I believe education helps, and I certainly believe introducing our athletes to those who have never been exposed to Special Olympics is a powerful educational tool, but what else? What else can we do to change people’s perceptions of our organization and our athletes?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

Tenacious and Passionate Youth

CEO CornerRecently I had an opportunity to listen to Special Olympics athletes and youth leaders within our organization.  Youth leaders without intellectual disabilities partner with our athletes in a unique program – Project Unify. The youth leaders and athletes were conveying difficulties they were having within their own school systems- getting school leaders to allow them to participate in Special Olympics activities.  One young adult had recruited 130 students within his school interested in participating in Project Unify, but the person who could give them approval within the school said no. The young student was not willing to give up.  He knew the value of this program & wanted his friends to be allowed to participate.  We were able to praise him for not giving up and help him to develop a strategy that won over the leadership at the school.  Thanks to this young man more people will be able to engage in a life changing Movement.  We need more tenacious and passionate youth leaders like this in our organization.

What motivates you to help someone else?

CEO CornerThe other day I was driving down the road and encountered a special needs man slowing trudging along the road. He was walking in the road because there was no shoulder. Cars were whizzing by without a thought. I turned around, which took a few minutes, got out of my car and eventually talked the man into getting off the road. Others eventually came to the scene who knew the man and all was well. I began to consider reasons why I thought no one stopped to help the man. What do you think motivates a person to help another, or what stops them from helping another?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, Special Olympics Louisiana President and CEO