People helping people

“When I saw Special Olympics Project Unify post this on Facebook and when I read this article, I was amazed that homeless children would help raise money for Special Olympics. These children had set up a lemonade stand and they helped raise over 1,000 dollars. The children agreed to donate half of the money they helped raise to help fund Special Olympics and the other half was donated to help fund a trip to Busch Gardens. To me, this was shocking because who would have thought that the needy would help out other needy people? People that live in poverty struggle on a daily basis trying to get their lives together, and these young children took the time to actually reach out and help distribute money that would help Special Olympics in their continuous mission to reach out to all people with both intellectual and physical disabilities.”

Special Olympics Louisiana athlete, Ashley Arceneaux

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Loretta Claiborne

“Loretta Claiborne is one of the most inspirational athletes I have personally encountered. Watching this video moves me because she is a great role model, reminding me that we are no different from one another. Meeting and listening to her in Baton Rouge (State Indoor Games 2012) inspired me because she has been through so much. It is both amazing and inspirational to hear how Special Olympics makes a huge impact on a persons life. Special Olympics has made a huge impact on Loretta’s life and watching this video shows how it has.”

Special Olympics Louisiana athlete Ashley Arceneaux

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“Born this Way”

“Seeing this video is inspirational because it highlights how talented people with disabilities are and the message behind the song resembles equality and acceptance. It proves that anybody has potential and it sets a great reminder to others that everyone is not different from each other, regardless if they have a disability or not. Dance flashmobs are very popular and get the media’s attention. Usually, dance flashmobs targets a musician or the band that they are supporting. I personally thought this flash mob was awesome, simply because although the dancers and singers were simply having fun, they were targeting the true meaning of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, which simply means self-acceptance. Being able to see the dancers and singers enjoy themselves shows not only how talented they are, but also shows that they also share the same values as any other person. That is what makes this video unique and inspirational.”

– Special Olympics Louisiana athlete Ashley Arceneaux