Cincinnati Reds Captivated by their Bat Boy!

Teddy Kremer is a bat boy who has brought inspiration to his favorite baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. Teddy is 30 years old and was born with Down Syndrome. His parents say that a geneticist told them to consider institutionalizing him, but they decided that was not the route they were going to take. With their guidance and support, Teddy grew up with a passion for sports. So when he had the opportunity, at a silent auction, to bid on being an Honorary Bat Boy for his team, he did!

At the game that night, the Cincinnati Reds were taken by Teddy’s enthusiasm and upbeat spirit. Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds third baseman, explained that Teddy energizes their team, and that having him at the games lifts the players up. At the second game, Teddy took Todd aside and gave him words of encouragement. Then, as Todd took the plate, Teddy told him to get a home run; And that is just what Todd Frazier did! Teddy Kremer now works for the Reds and is not just a bat boy, but the motivational key to his team!

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