StWtEtW is coming soon!

2014 StWtEtW with Jed CollinsSpread the Word to End the Word (StWtEtW) national day of recognition is March 5th! Join New Orleans Saints Fullback, Jed Collins and pledge not to use the r-word (retard) anymore! Visit to pledge and see what you can do on March 5th to take a stand. The Special Olympics Louisiana state office has wristbands, stickers, buttons, etc. for any schools or groups who want to raise awareness and eradicate the use of the r-word! Contact us

What would you do?

We are very proud of our Volunteer, Special Olympics College representative and local Best Buddies chapter president Marci Gaines. Marci was sitting in a college class when her professor used the r-word…”At this moment, I cannot explain the sense of emotions that overcame me. I contemplated calling her out on her remarks in class or confronting her after but knew my message would be better conveyed through words. I decided to send an email.” Read her email and the professors response here

What would you have done if you were Marci?

I am a Person

Spread the Word to End the Word Day was March 6th. Lots of people made videos, posted pictures, wrote stories, etc. to share their opinion and draw awareness that the word “retard” is hurtful. With so much support this was the best R-Word day yet! Check out this video from Marana High School in Arizona. It is a must see!

Spread the Word to End the Word

Spread the Word to End the Word

Today is Spread the Word to End the Word day! What word are we talking about? The R-Word! Don’t know what the r-word is? It is the word “retarded”. Using this word hurts peoples feelings and is degrading. Even if you don’t mean it in a negative way, its not cool to say! Take the pledge to stop using the r-word today, here.

Watch the R-word PSA below:

Capitol Hill Day

This Wednesday, March 6th is Capitol Hill Day.  It is a day when athletes, volunteers, families, and staff will speak on Capitol Hill about the impact of federally supported programming.Camrin Sandoz

There will be more than 40 states represented this year and Louisiana is proud to be one of them!  We will be sending our President/CEO, Mrs. Pat Carpenter Bourgeois along with one of our athletes, Camrin Sandoz and his parents.  Camrin and his parents will meet with congressmen and elected officials to advocate for Special Olympics.

Learn more about Camrin here!

More info on Capitol Hill Day here.