Not the information age for people with ID

This below is an excerpt that was taken from Special Olympics, Inc. blog post Intellectual Disabilities, Global Poverty and Isolation.

It speaks of how the world knows so much information on numerous populations and statistics on almost every thing we do. However, as with many other things, people with intellectual disabilities are neglected.

“how many people are there, living in developing countries, and around the world, who are both poor, and have intellectual disabilities? The answer is going to shock you, as it does me. The answer is: We do not know. No one in the world knows. We live in the information age, where people complain of TMI – too much information. Yet we have a scarcity of data on intellectual disabilities and poverty.” Read the full post and see what you can do to help

And we welcome to the Board…

Special Olympics Louisiana’s statewide Board of Directors is proud to announce four new members: Colonel Michael Edmonson, Dustin Guessfeld, Suzette Rose and John Saye. These individuals assumed their position on the Board beginning January 2013. Each of these individuals bring years of professional experience and resources with them. Read more 

Colonel Mike Edmonson, Dustin Guessfeld, Suzette Rome and John Saye

Colonel Mike Edmonson, Dustin Guessfeld, Suzette Rose and John Saye