A Hero Without A Cape

Earlier this month, Michael Garcia, became a hero of sorts.  A waiter at a Houston restaurant, Michael stood up to a family that asked to move away frMiloom Milo, a 5 year old boy who has Down Syndrome.  In a recent interview, Michael said, “my personal feelings took over, and I told him, ‘I’m not going to be able to serve you, Sir.”

Milo’s mother had this to say, “I was impressed that somebody would step out of their own comfort level and put their job on the line as well as to stand up for somebody else.”

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A Special Olympics 1st

Hayes Howell Bronze medal in BowlingSpecial Olympics Louisiana Capital Area athlete, Hayes Howell has been chosen to compete in the 2012 North Pointe Junior Gold Championships! This is a HUGE honor as Hayes is the first Special Olympics athlete to ever qualify for this tournament!

The tournament will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 14-20, 2012. The North Pointe Junior Gold Championships is an annual national tournament for the top male and female youth bowlers in the United States. The tournament awards $250,000 in scholarships and youth bowlers also have the opportunity to earn a spot on Junior Team USA. Hayes is one of 14 boys who will represent Louisiana in this competition in the under 20 yrs. old category. Hayes’ scores from previous prestigious tournaments have qualified him to attend this national championship. After speaking with Hayes, he remarks that he is “very excited and proud” to be attending.