Life Lessons from Parents of Kids with Special Needs

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“Moms and dads whose children have special needs can teach all parents a thing or two about priorities and perspective.”

Check out this great article in the October 2016 Issue of Parents Magazine by Julie Lythcott-Haims, 4 Life Lessons From Parents of Kids With Special Needs.


Mark your Calendars


Social media has shown us that everyday is a National Day for something. Well, our friends over at Friendship Circle Blog have comprised a handy calendar to mark all the Special Needs Awareness days in 2014 sorted by season. Click here to see it (While you are there, check out their other resources and posts. They have great articles for those serving people with special needs.)


Young Athletes

Young Athlete SOLADid you know Special Olympics has a program for children ages 2 – 7? It is called the Young Athletes Program and it is an innovative sports play program for children with intellectual disabilities, designed to introduce them to the world of sports prior to Special Olympics eligibility at age 8.

Find out more here


Young Athletes Program

Can you catch a floating scarf OR climb through a hula hoop?? Special Olympics Louisiana’s Young Athletes can!

The Young Athletes program works with athletes from ages 2-7. SpeciaYoung Athletes Programl Olympics Young Athletes are able by working on building important motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.  Some of these fun activities include kicking, balancing, and throwing. This program introduces these athletes to the Special Olympics world of sports.

Find out more info on our Young Athletes Program here.

Finding the Words

We recently came across an article in the Huffington Post, titled: Finding The Words To Talk About Disability

Some of the quotes that stood out the most were, “…just because I have a daughter with a disability doesn’t mean that I know how to talk about disabilities with my children.” and “Our particularities were different, but I came to understand that we all have limitations and places of vulnerability and need, and we all have possibilities for joy and relationships and self-giving.” Read the entire article

It is so true that people who have never been exposed to someone with special needs have so many questions in the beginning. But before they know it, they realized how many new things they learn not only about human beings but about differences rather than limitations.

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