Serving Breakfast, Lunch, & Hugs

In the midst of Albuquerque, New Mexico lies one of the most family friendly restaurants you will ever find. Tim’s place is a restaurant ran by owner Tim Harris who has down syndrome. His dream of owning a restaurant came true and is now known around the country for his great food and even better hugs.

Dreaming of Loretta Claiborne

Recently, one of Special Olympics most famous faces, Loretta ClaibornLaney Langee, visited Dodson Elementary in New Iberia, LA.  She was there to talk about her life, her struggles, and her successes.

A few weeks later a student at Dodson, Laney Lange, wrote a story about Loretta.  But it wasn’t just any story.  She had a dream that she was Loretta Claiborne!  She dreamed that she was at her school as Loretta and everyone was welcoming her.

This story was very inspiring and representatives from Special Olympics International even took part and read Laney’s story!

Read Laney’s story here.

Determined To Follow His Dreams

Earlier this year, 19 year old Eric Dompierre would not let down syndrome hold him back from playing a final season of football even though an outdated state rule said otherwise.eric dompierre

Eric’s story made headlines when the Michigan High School Athletic Association nearly disqualified him from his senior season at Ishpeming high, because he was too old to play organized sports.

Media attention led the MHSAA to change its absolute age limit by allowing for certain exceptions, and the executive committee in August allowing Eric to play and follow his dream.

“I think when those kids see someone like Eric working hard to overcome his disability, I like to think it motivates them to do their best as well,” his dad, Dean Dompierre, says in the news story documented by Sports Illustrated.

Read more and watch the news story here.

From Daddy’s Princess to Homecoming Queen

High school senior Jessica Giddens has down syndrome, but don’t think that is keeping her from achieving her dreams. Friday night her life changed forever when she was crowned Homecoming Queen for Lakeside High School in Georgia. Jessica proudly walked down the field on the arm of her father who fought in Afghanistan, but made it home to see his daughters dreams come true.

“When I became daddy’s little princess, I just turned into this queen,” Jessica said.

Support from her family, friends, and community lead Jessica to achieving her dream. “Her disabilities don’t limit her, and there’s so much that she brings and she’s full of spirit and she’s just awesome to be around,” stated friend Bailey Doss.

Inclusion of others no matter what their disability is focused on by Special Olympics. Project Unify promotes communities to work together to create a change in society giving respect, dignity, and becoming an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities.

dreams DO come true

Saw this article on WAFB’s website and thought we would share:

LSU tigerband Oliver PratsWhile the LSU football team and Tiger fans have been gearing up for the game against South Carolina all week, one little boy from Baton Rouge has been holding out all summer. Saturday, the Golden Band from Tigerland made 5yr. old Oliver Prats’ lifelong dream come true.

Oliver led the Tigerland Band in the LSU parade! He was a little shy at first, but then absolutely transformed as he lead his heroes through a sea of purple and gold. During the game, he and his parents even got to spend the entire football game sitting in the stands with the band.

Read the full article from WAFB