“We win moments, not Games”

Acadiana Coach Lanclos said, “We win moments, not games” after the recent State Summer Games. As true as this statement is, Team Louisiana is doing both! Winning moments they will cherish forever, and winning games right now at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games. The excitement is contagious as we boast about having the best Unified Flag Football team in the nation, an undefeatedGolf goofing off on medal stands Unified Basketball team, over 20 gold medals and are bringing home 80+ awards thus far. (We still have lots more to be awarded!) The memories and stories are unique, several athletes and partners have remarked that this event has been life changing. We are truly proud of the games we are winning, but even more excited about the moments our entire organization is experiencing!

Geaux Team Louisiana!

Conquering Fear with Love

We came across an article titled, “Down Syndrome: A Year of Grief and Joy”. The title at first stood out, grief and down syndrome are two words that do not go together in our book. As the article continued on, it become clear that the feelings this mother was going through are similar to those that many of our families originally feel or have felt. There is so much unknown and so much the general public is typically not aware of. Genevieve Shaw Brown takes the reader on an emotional journey over the past year. Emotions that many of our followers and family members can relate to…

… he will know that there was a time I was very scared to be his mom. For that I will always be sorry. But he’ll also know that even though I was scared, my love for him was stronger than the fear. And that he has brought me nothing but pride and joy.

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