Free to Learn

Free to Learn is a $100,000 dollar Education Giveaway that can be used for any school, any student, at any time during your child’s, or your very own scholastic journey. It’s also a movement that changes lives.  Tickets are $100.

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Free To Learn

Yes, you read correctly.  FREE to Learn!  It’s everything you have ever dreamed wrapped up into one phrase.  The chance to become the next great surgeon, the chance to practice law or preside over a court, the chance to write the next best seller or create the next fashion craze,  the chance too learn from the best chefs in the world.  It’s YOUR dream and Free to Learn can help!

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Take a Chance, and Change Your Destiny.

FREE TO LEARN is about providing both children and adults with intellectual disabilities a chance to succeed, and there is no better example of this, than what takes place year round at Special Olympics Louisiana. For the participants, the opportunity to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families is life changing.

Free To Learn
FREE TO LEARN is a $100,000 Education Giveaway. While the $100,000 that we award is substantial, the real prize that comes from purchasing a ticket, is seeing the smile on the face of a Special Olympics athlete when a medal is placed over their head. Today, we invite you to be a part of their journey as well. In doing so, you will not only help them achieve their dreams, but perhaps yours as well. So, purchase a ticket and take a chance on your future, the future of someone you love or the future of someone that is counting on you.

Take a Chance and Change Your Destiny Now, or view the website first.