Special Olympics MA is on their Game!

Special Olympics Massachusetts created an inspiring PSA called “Let me win”. They used portraits of their athletes taken by Len Rubenstein in 2012 and Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s 1968 opening ceremony speech to generate this striking video about Special Olympics.  image1093254Watch it Now!



Breaking down the barriers of Down Syndrome

Last weekend, two students with Down Syndrome from West Orange High School were crowned King and Queen of Homecoming. Trazjuan Bubba Hunter (king) and Semone Adkins (queen) grew up together and are now sharing the experience of being High School royalty. This is the first time in Central Florida that two students with the condition have ever been voted onto Homecoming Court. West Orange students were proud they won and the quarterback for their football team, Hayden Griffitts, even commented, “This didn’t happen because we feel sorry for them or something. Just the opposite. They really deserve it. I mean, homecoming is about bringing people together and having fun. And that’s what they do.” Both Bubba and Semone were thrilled to represent their school and seemed excited to share their crowning moment.


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A Super Hero Like No Other

Most people know Jonathan Stoklosa as a kind hearted young man who works at Acme grocery store as a bag boy. He was born with Down syndrome and lives at home with parents. But they may not know that he is a current day Super Hero! Jonathan Stoklosa is 31 years old and an amazing power lifter. He is a tough competitor and usually walks away in the top three. His trainer says that he has incredible drive in the gym, and that he wants to be his best at everything he does. His parents are really proud of him for working just as hard at his job as he does at power lifting. Jonathan has the ability to bench-press over 400 pounds, but is soft and gentle when handling groceries. He is definitely a strong Super Hero with a soft side!

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