Every Mile Matters!

athletics athletes crossing the finish line

Charity Miles is a free smart phone app, on iPhone or Android, that tracks your mileage while you exercise while raising money for different causes. Anyone can log on and earn money for their miles, whether you bike, run, or walk!


Download Charity Miles to your iPhone or Android device today and start earning for Special Olympics! Earn 25 cents for every mile you walk or run, and 10 cents for every mile you cycle!

Clink here for directions on downloading!


Rethink Possible

Today is the last day for the AT&T promotion!  Looking to buy a new iPhone or iPad?  Be sure to do it today and tell your AT&T Sales Associate you want a portion of you purchase to go to Special Olympics!

Also, be sure and Text UNITY to 80888 to make a donation to Special Olympics!

What are YOU waiting for?!