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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

On Tuesday, December 3rd, the United Nations will celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities.” The Theme is, “break barriers, open doors: for an inclusive society for all.”  This day is a great day to talk with others about Project Unify.

How ill you spend this day?  Learn more here.

Project Unify

Updated Medical & Consent Forms

Grab some ‘smarties’ and put on your thinking cap!

We have recently updated our Medical & Consent forms.  Our athletes are required to fill out a medical form every three (3) years unless otherwise stated.  The medical serves a dual purpose; to gain knowledge of the athletes medical history and is used as an application to the program.  Three key components were added to the medical:

1. Place of Employment
2. Parent’s Email Address
3. Wheelchair/Walker Needed

The consent form was also revamped.  This form not only gives consent in participation of competition, but also for our Healthy Athletes Program and housing.

You can view the forms here.

And now YOU know!

And we welcome to the Board…

Special Olympics Louisiana’s statewide Board of Directors is proud to announce four new members: Colonel Michael Edmonson, Dustin Guessfeld, Suzette Rose and John Saye. These individuals assumed their position on the Board beginning January 2013. Each of these individuals bring years of professional experience and resources with them. Read more 

Colonel Mike Edmonson, Dustin Guessfeld, Suzette Rome and John Saye

Colonel Mike Edmonson, Dustin Guessfeld, Suzette Rose and John Saye

Changing Perceptions

CEO CornerI meet people every day, some know a lot about Special Olympics and some know very little. I started to think about those who are unfamiliar with Special Olympics…what are their preconceived notions as to who we are and what we do? I believe education helps, and I certainly believe introducing our athletes to those who have never been exposed to Special Olympics is a powerful educational tool, but what else? What else can we do to change people’s perceptions of our organization and our athletes?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana