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State Fall Classic is coming to Lafayette and Carencro, LA October 14-16. Athletes from across the state will compete in will compete in Aquatics, Horseshoes, and Softball. Sign up today to play, coach, or volunteer for this event.

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Louisiana Youth Leaders Shine at Conference

The South Central Regional Conference took place this past weekend where our youth leaders utilized their leadership skills to showcase what all Louisiana has to offer. The conference was dedicated to promoting leadership and inclusion. One great quote that came out of this conference is, “When we put our gifts into our actions, we can make a difference.” -Sean Adams (Bayouland Area Special Olympics Louisiana Athlete)

Charlie Courville, Director of Outreach and Area Management, voiced that he learned the most from the Family Panel Session held at the beginning of the conference. The question was posed, “How did you feel when your child was born?” and each family took turns answering and sharing their personal experiences at the hospital. The common thread seemed to be that all the doctors and nurses treated the births of these children as a negative and terrible event. Each family was able to find one person at the hospital with a positive outlook and they held onto that to get them through it. Charlie said he found this to be really inspiring and it showed how strong each of those family members are. The families said that doctors told them what their children couldn’t do, and that Special Olympics told them what their children could do; this set the tone for the entire conference.

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Charlie also said that he was really proud to represent Louisiana because the conference showed him that Louisiana does more with less.  Our state was represented well; Louisiana has a lot to be proud of!

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International Volunteer Day


We encourage all of you to get up and volunteer today!  If you cannot volunteer today, take the first step and set up a time to volunteer.

We have numerous events that take place all over the state of Louisiana, so there is something for everyone.  Our 2013 calendar is up and we are looking for volunteers NOW!  There are parish, area, and state events that you can register to volunteer.

We also look for volunteers to come to our office to help with data entry, organizing, and warehouse help, along with a few different internships.  If you you are interested, give us a call at 1-800-345-6644, today!