Receiving more than you give

Special Olympics teaches people about themselves and about helping others. Volunteers often remark that they receive much more then they give. One young high school football player learned that lesson when he gave to a not so popular teammate… Watch the video story about Olivett MiddleSchool in Michigan.

Determined To Follow His Dreams

Earlier this year, 19 year old Eric Dompierre would not let down syndrome hold him back from playing a final season of football even though an outdated state rule said otherwise.eric dompierre

Eric’s story made headlines when the Michigan High School Athletic Association nearly disqualified him from his senior season at Ishpeming high, because he was too old to play organized sports.

Media attention led the MHSAA to change its absolute age limit by allowing for certain exceptions, and the executive committee in August allowing Eric to play and follow his dream.

“I think when those kids see someone like Eric working hard to overcome his disability, I like to think it motivates them to do their best as well,” his dad, Dean Dompierre, says in the news story documented by Sports Illustrated.

Read more and watch the news story here.