Encouraging the Best

CEO CornerIt would be interesting to know how you challenge or encourage your spouse, your child, your friends, to become the best person they can be. How do you encourage them to excel? To be better tomorrow than they are today?  Give us your thoughts.

Pat Carpenter Bourgeois
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

Tenacious and Passionate Youth

CEO CornerRecently I had an opportunity to listen to Special Olympics athletes and youth leaders within our organization.  Youth leaders without intellectual disabilities partner with our athletes in a unique program – Project Unify. The youth leaders and athletes were conveying difficulties they were having within their own school systems- getting school leaders to allow them to participate in Special Olympics activities.  One young adult had recruited 130 students within his school interested in participating in Project Unify, but the person who could give them approval within the school said no. The young student was not willing to give up.  He knew the value of this program & wanted his friends to be allowed to participate.  We were able to praise him for not giving up and help him to develop a strategy that won over the leadership at the school.  Thanks to this young man more people will be able to engage in a life changing Movement.  We need more tenacious and passionate youth leaders like this in our organization.

“Applaud” each day

Recently I read an article written by Sarah Palin about some of the challengeCEO Corners she has raising her son born with Down Syndrome. Many of you are acutely aware of these challenges. Some of you may not have a child with special needs and have challenges of your own with your kids.  Some of you may not have children and have come to love people with special needs through Special Olympics. Read the Palin article at the link below. It is my desire that Special Olympics LA can give each athlete a reason to “applaud” each day.  Motivate your kids or athletes to “applaud” the day. In the face of adversity, what would your bumper sticker read?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

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What does Family mean to you?

CEO Corner

In recent months I have had time to reflect on the importance of family. Family can be many things to different people.  For some of us our family is the bloodline into which we are born; for some it is our blended families which come into our lives through marriage; for some it is our colleagues whom we see daily, often times more than we see our immediate family members.  I have also been reminded recently by a Special Olympics Louisiana athlete, who has no immediate family, that he views the volunteers, coaches and staff of SOLA to be his family.  It is great to be a part of an organization which connects so strongly with the individuals we serve. What does your family mean to you?

                                                      Pat Carpenter Bourgeois