Wellness Wednesday with Sean Adams

Sean Adams HeadshotSean Adams recently qualified to advance to 2014 Special Olympics USA Games this summer in New Jersey. He will compete against athletes from across the country as a member of Team Louisiana. He has been training daily in Aquatics to enhance his skills. Going to USA Games has made him realize that in addition to training, he must find other ways to get stronger and healthier. Although his family has always talked about healthy practices such as nutrition and exercise, Sean took it upon himself to sign-up for the Healthy Athletes program. At State Indoor Games this past March, Sean participated in the Health Promotion and Special Smiles disciplines for the first time.  Not only did he receive screenings in these two disciplines, he was also provided with the education and tools necessary to make healthy decisions every day. His mother has expressed that the Healthy Athletes program has allowed him to remain independent and be held accountable his for personal wellbeing. His commitment has made him more conscious and aware of making healthy choices both inside and outside of Special Olympics. He has continued to be proactive about his health and looks forward to participating in Healthy Athletes at upcoming events.


Health Promotion

Did you know that during our State competitions, athletes can go through the Health Promotion discipline?  It’s true!  Athletes have the opportunity to learn about how to eat and drink healthier, the benefits of NOT smoking, and how to stay active outside with out being in the sun to long.  This all falls under the umbrella (ella, ella!) of Healthy Athletes! Health Promotion Pretty cool, huh?

If you want to volunteer for Health Promotion at our next state event (State Fall Classic) in October, click here to register.  Then, simply click the ‘Saturday’ tab and select Healthy Athletes!

You can learn more here.

Opening Eyes

As most of you know, Special Olympics Louisiana offers free health screenings to our athletes at various times throughout the year.  It is will great joy that we will welcome “Opening Eyes” to Healthy Athletes this October at State Fall Classic!

Special Olympics joined forces with Lions Club International in 2001 to bring athletes free vision screenings. “Athletes also receive diagnoses for vision-related problems, corrective and protective eye wear and are taught how to take better care of their eyes,” according to the Lions Club International Foundation website.

Samantha McMillan, Director of Athlete & Family Initiatives at Special Olympics Louisiana, stated “our athletes will get a better understanding of optical health.”  She also went on to say, “not only will athletes get the screening, but will be presented with giveaways to help them maintain good optical health at home.”

To learn more about Opening Eyes and Healthy Athletes click here.