Happy Labor Day

happy-labor-day-wallpapersHappy Labor Day to all! Especially to those who work so hard to give 13,706 Special Olympics Louisiana athletes the opportunity to belong. To build self confidence, enhance self worth, become part of a team, communicate through sport and have fun!


We always say we are more than sports, and we are. We offer numerous programs other than sports BUT we also change lives. Many charities say that and we often look for words to describe our organization and make us stand out from the rest but simply stated, we change lives, in every way, every day! Read one story that makes anyone involved in the Special Olympics movement proud. …”For the first time he didn’t mind having Autism, but more important he felt good about himself. He called me from the meet and said “I feel spectacular”.” Read a Powerful Message about Courage and Hope on Special Olympics Internationals blog.