Congratulations, Glenn!

We would like to congratulate our wonderful office assistant and former SOLA athlete, Glenn! Last week he was presented with an award from Options for 30 years of employment here at Special Olympics Louisiana. We appreciate beyond words how much you do for us! You’re truly a rockstar. Congratulations on thirty years – here’s to many more!IMG-1655

A Smile is worth a 1000 words

During the year, many of our athletes participate in Healthy Athletes, a program designed to help our athletes get the medical care that they need; more specifically, Special Smiles.  Here at Special Olympics Louisiana, we also invite our athletes to participate in a “Dental Day” at the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans, LA.  These screening usually take place twice in the spring and fall semesters.

At the Dental Day, our athletes are screened by LSU Dental students.  So, not only are our athletes getting the care that they need, but the students are receiving training on a population that they normally do not get to see while in school.

Once our athletes are screened at one of Healthy Athlete events (usually State Indoor Games, State Summer Games, and State Fall Classic), they are then selected to move forward to the LSU Dental Day.  After the LSU screening, the athlete has the option to stay at LSUSD to continue treatment.


Weight Loss Wednesday

Sticking with WWL-TVs Weight Loss Wednesday…we have a great story to share from St. Bernard Parish!

“….Well, it was official; he weighed in at 380 pounds….”   Jonathon Sanders Before

“…Jonathon is like a new person now. He no longer walks slowly down the hallway dragging his feet; looking at the ground and feeling so sad…. He says he has a lot more friends this year and the daily smiles on his face are priceless.”

See how much weight he lost and what he looks like now