State Summer Games

State Summer Games is right around the corner!  May 22-24th to be exact.  The event will kick off on Friday, May 22nd inside Southeastern’s Strawberry Stadium at 7:30pm for Opening Ceremonies.  We invite all to attend to witness the Flame of Hope and the parade of athletes!

Then on Saturday athletes will compete in athletics, bocce, power lifting, and volleyball.  ALL events are free and open to the public.  Come cheer on our athletes as they compete!

There are still volunteer opportunities available.  Please click here to register.

We can’t wait to see YOU at State Summer Games!

Military Flag Football Game

On Friday, May 23rd, at 6pm we will host a Military Flag Football Game in Strawberry Stadium on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University.  It will feature our 2014 USA Games flag football team and members of the Marine Corps!  The game will be two 20 minute halves, with a 10 minute half time.  Special Olympics Louisiana Cheerleaders will be on hand as well!Military Flag Football Game

Be sure to stick around after the game and be a Fan in the Stands for Opening Ceremonies which will start at 7:30pm and will feature the arrival of the Olympic Torch, escorted by Law Enforcement officers completing the 1,000-mile Torch Run relay. The lighting of the “Flame of Hope” and the Parade of Athletes will follow.

SOLA Athletes Play Ball

This past weekend was jam packed with fun activities for us!  On Friday, athletes from the Baton Rouge area were treated to a LSU volleyball game inside the PMAC.  During halftime of the game, our athletes took the court to play a unLSU Volleyball with SOLA Athletesified game with the LSU sand volleyball team!

Then, on Saturday, the Southeastern Football team hosted a flag football clinic!  Athletes were put through different drills including, passing, agility, running, and kicking drills.  After, they were given a facility tour of the football operations SLU Football with SOLA Athletebuilding and were shown a hype video in the team film room.  To cap off the day, minutes before kickoff, our athletes took the field in Strawberry Stadium to play a unified football game!

A huge THANK YOU to both the LSU volleyball staff and the Southeastern football staff for showing our athletes a great time!  #GeauxTigers and #LionUp


Volunteer Point of View

A new State Summer Games volunteer, Kelly remarks on her recent experience: “Volunteering for the 2013 Special Olympics Louisiana State Summer Games was an experience I will never forget because I got the chance to share my volunteering experience with my family. Though I have been an avid volunteer the past two years, this year was my first time volunteering for the State Summer Games. On Friday, May 24th, my parents and I attended Opening Ceremonies at the Southeastern Louisiana University’s Strawberry Stadium to cheer on the athletes. We enjoyed great food, an awesome car show, and entertaining music by Dysfunktional Bone before the ceremony began. While the athletes were parading across the field, my Mom and I became emotional as the story of Alton Smith was told. Through Special Olympics Louisiana, Alton learned to walk and was given the opportunity to strive in athletics. Alton’s story made us all teary eyed as we watched him and his parents walk across the field. Watching Alton and his parents opened my eyes to how many great opportunities Special Olympics Louisiana has given to people across the state. Special Olympics Louisiana not only offers these opportunities to athletes, but also to volunteers who are able to share the experience with them.  As we clapped and waved our pom poms during the Opening Ceremonies, I could not help but smile and cheer louder as I myself was getting excited for the summer games to begin. I am thankful my family and I got the opportunity to share in the happiness and excitement of the games with all of the athletes and their supporters, and I hope we can continue to volunteer together as a family for many years to come.”

Fans in the Stands

You have read about and know that State Summer Games will take place on May 24-26th (Memorial Day Weekend) in Hammond, LA on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University.  But, did you know that our Opening Ceremonies will be held on Friday, May 24th at 7:30p in Strawberry Stadium?  It’s true!  We want you to be a FAN in the Stands!  Come out an cheer on our athletes!

It's not Special if no one is there to see it!

It’s not Special if no one is there to see it! Come cheer on our athletes as they parade into Strawberry Stadium.

But, wait, there’s more!  Starting at 6:00p, a flag football game will take place in the stadium featuring members of the military and Special Olympics Louisiana athletes!  Plus, outside the stadium, there will be a car show from the Golden Oldies Motor Club and you can purchase concessions from Walmart!

Once you have taken a look at the cars and grabbed a bite to eat, head into Strawberry Stadium to yell, stomp, and cheer for our athletes!

Need more info?  Call us!  1-800-345-6644

State Summer Games Info

You have probably read this post before about State Summer Games, but we can’t help it… We are really, really excited for this event!  We have hundreds of athletes coming to Hammond, LA (also where our state office is located) to compete in Athletics, Bocce, Power Lifting, and Volleyball.  How can you not get excited?!

Did you know that most of the days events are open to the public?  It’s true.  You can come out and see some of our best athletes from across the great state of Louisiana compete. 

We invite you to start your weekend off with us on Friday, May 18th, at 7pm in the new Southeastern Track and Field Complex for Opening Ceremonies.  What is Opening Ceremonies, you ask?  It is the official start of the 2012 State Summer Games!  Our athletes will parade into the Track Complex and the torch will also be brought in.

You can check out the Fact Sheet, Map, and Schedule here.

Hope to see you at State Summer Games!


State Summer Games

State Summer Games will be taking place May 18-20 on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA.  We are getting pretty excited for this great event!  We have around 800 athletes that will be competing in Athletics, Bocce, Power Lifting, and Volleyball. 

We are looking for YOU to come out and Volunteer!  We have a wide variety of Volunteer jobs for this event and it all starts on May 18th…click here to see what you can do!

Also, we will need folks in the stands for our Opening Ceremonies which take place on May 18th for 7pm in Southeastern’s Strawberry Stadium.  Come out and yell, clap, and cheer on our athletes!

See you at the games!