Life Lessons from Parents of Kids with Special Needs

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“Moms and dads whose children have special needs can teach all parents a thing or two about priorities and perspective.”

Check out this great article in the October 2016 Issue of Parents Magazine by Julie Lythcott-Haims, 4 Life Lessons From Parents of Kids With Special Needs.


Mark your Calendars


Social media has shown us that everyday is a National Day for something. Well, our friends over at Friendship Circle Blog have comprised a handy calendar to mark all the Special Needs Awareness days in 2014 sorted by season. Click here to see it (While you are there, check out their other resources and posts. They have great articles for those serving people with special needs.)


The “Keith Special”

The Olivet Middle School football team decided to surprise their coach and all their fans in a recent football game. Keith Orr is a football player with special needs. His mother signed him up for football to give him structure in his life, and at this particular football game, he was given the chance to shine! The star running back was on his way to score a touchdown, but instead of crossing the goal line he stopped and ended the play. His teammates planned a surprise play called the “Keith Special” where they would pass off the ball to Orr and protect him while he ran to score a touchdown! He was the star of the game!

Watch the Full Story here!

North Carolina Family gets ‘Special’ Note

A family was out to dinner Friday night in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Along with the family was 8 year old Riley.  During the course of the evening Riley, “began to get a little rowdy.”Photo of note given to England family (Photo source: Ashley England)

By the end of the meal, a tearful waitress brought the bill to the family, but stated that another customer had paid for the meal!  The note read “God only gives special children to special people.”

Read the full article here.

What can you do for someone in your community?

Valentines Day Special

Valentine’s Day is the day to tell your loved ones how much you love them, so keeping with that tradition; we love all of our athletes, families, coaches, sponsors, volunteers, etc.

A special treat for this Valentines Day: We recently received an article from one of our Facebook Fans about two individuals with special needs finding love…  Read about Lindsey and Nick

What motivates you to help someone else?

CEO CornerThe other day I was driving down the road and encountered a special needs man slowing trudging along the road. He was walking in the road because there was no shoulder. Cars were whizzing by without a thought. I turned around, which took a few minutes, got out of my car and eventually talked the man into getting off the road. Others eventually came to the scene who knew the man and all was well. I began to consider reasons why I thought no one stopped to help the man. What do you think motivates a person to help another, or what stops them from helping another?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, Special Olympics Louisiana President and CEO

“Applaud” each day

Recently I read an article written by Sarah Palin about some of the challengeCEO Corners she has raising her son born with Down Syndrome. Many of you are acutely aware of these challenges. Some of you may not have a child with special needs and have challenges of your own with your kids.  Some of you may not have children and have come to love people with special needs through Special Olympics. Read the Palin article at the link below. It is my desire that Special Olympics LA can give each athlete a reason to “applaud” each day.  Motivate your kids or athletes to “applaud” the day. In the face of adversity, what would your bumper sticker read?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

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