We always say we are more than sports, and we are. We offer numerous programs other than sports BUT we also change lives. Many charities say that and we often look for words to describe our organization and make us stand out from the rest but simply stated, we change lives, in every way, every day! Read one story that makes anyone involved in the Special Olympics movement proud. …”For the first time he didn’t mind having Autism, but more important he felt good about himself. He called me from the meet and said “I feel spectacular”.” Read a Powerful Message about Courage and Hope on Special Olympics Internationals blog.


As we stated last week, Camp Shriver in Baton Rouge has begun!  Athletes and Unified partners have started working on new sports skills and learning to work with each other.  Through Friday, they will continue to build friendships with each partner and ultimately  work together as a team.

Below is a picture from Camp Shriver that was taken today.  Looks like TEAMWORK is in full swing!


Inspirational Video

Brothers Conner and Cayden Long were recently honored in New York for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids SportsKids of the Year.  Though, Cayden was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Conner still plays sports with his brother.

The two compete in triathlons, with Conner towing Cayden through the process.

Click the picture below to watch the inspirational story!

 Sports Kid of the Year

Special Olympics teaches

“Special Olympics teaches that all human beings are created equal in the sense that each has the capacity and a hunger for moral excellence, for courage, for friendship and for love.” – Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Northwest area Volleyball team