Breaking Barriers since 1968

We read a recent article about Special Olympics Virginia athlete Erica Bookout. Her story is truly inspiring and we are proud to be part of a movement that enables athletes to reach for their goals. Their goals, not the goals of others who often tell them they can’t or they shouldn’t. Special Olympics empowers athletes to achieve beyond what many think they are capable of. Erica is an athlete, a high school graduate, and soon to have a college degree in Special Education. Read the full story

This week we also heard that local athlete Alton Smith was cleared by doctor’s to no longer need braces on his legs. This is tremendous news, as Alton was originally told he would be unable to walk several years ago. Special Olympics Louisiana taught Alton and his parents strength building techniques and ways to modify “typical” sports to fit Alton’s needs. Just this week, Alton bought his first pair of New Balance tennis shoes! We are so proud of the major milestones and accomplishments these athletes have achieved.