Weight Loss Wednesday

Virgil AtkinsonWe have an update on Livingston Parish athlete, Virgil Atkinson. We originally reported that Virgil weighed 374 before beginning this weight loss challenge. However, after Virgil went to the doctor back in February, he was up to 380 lbs. As of the end of last week, he is down to 350lbs.! That is 30 pounds he has lost thus far! We are very proud of him and ask you to continue sharing your comments and words or wisdom for Virgil as he is trying to change his life for the better.

Weight Loss Wednesday – Brian Stern

Brian Stern is a 33 year old athlete originally from Miami Beach, FL who lives in Hammond, LA now. Brian is a volunteer here at the Special Olympics Louisiana state office. He heard about our Weight Loss Wednesday stories and let us know that he has one of his own!
Brian Stern before and after weight loss

A few years ago, Brian weighed 258lbs. and was wearing a XXL shirt! Now, he weighs 160lbs. and wears a L shirt. We sat down with Brian and asked him a few questions…

Why did you start losing weight? “Because of my parents, they were concerned about my health, I had high blood pressure and other medical conditions.”
What did you do to lose the weight? “Exercised weekly, aerobics, went to classes, walked outside and joined fitness clubs.”
What was the biggest difference with before you lost weight and now? “My original food intake was 1,600 calories and now it is 1,100 calories and low sodium.”
What types of food did you eat then compared to what you eat now? “I used to overeat and indulge in food. I used to stop at fast food places. Now, it’s more of portion control. This morning for breakfast I had 1 oz. of meat, 1 cup of starch, 1/2 cup of fruit and 8oz. fluids.”
If there anything you would like to say to someone who is thinking of losing weight? “There is no reason to stop at a fast food place, why would you want to put junk on yourself, indulge and overeat?”
Anything you would like to say to someone who is reading this? “Anybody can do anything if you put your mind, body and spirit into it. You can achieve your goal, but first you have to set your goal.”

Brian today holding a 2XL shirt

Weight Loss Wednesday Updates

We have a couple of Weight Loss Wednesday stories to update you on…

1. Johnathan Sanders, the athlete from Plaquemines Parish who originally weighed in at 380 pounds Weight Scalenow weighs 270 pounds and is trying to lose more weight. The YMCA in Belle Chasse heard about Johnathan’s story and gave him a year membership to the gym! On top of that when he went to pick up the membership the YMCA gave his whole family a year membership to the gym! Thank you to the Y in Belle Chasse for your generosity.

2. Virgil Atkinson, the athlete from Livingston Parish has lost a total of 13 pounds and is back on track to lose weight after strong words of encouragement from loved ones and friends recently.

3. Special Olympics athlete Brian Stearn has lost 108 pounds! Stay tuned next week for his story and pictures…

Do you have a Special Olympics Louisiana weight loss story? Share it with us!

YOUR words could equal 150lbs!

Virgil Atkinson at beginning of Weight Loss ChallengeVirgil Atkinson is a 42 year old Special Olympics Louisiana athlete from Livingston, Louisiana. He currently weighs 371lbs. and has diabetes. Virgil is a regular around the Special Olympics Louisiana office and has attended various events around the world on our behalf.

One Special Olympics Louisiana staff member has challenged Virgil to lose 150 pounds by his birthday in September. If he completes this task, the staff member will buy Virgil a laptop.  If he loses an additional 50lbs. by December, he will get a Wii Fit. Virgil has accepted the challenge and is starting today!

Today, from YOU, we would like words of encouragement for Virgil. Please post, reply, share, etc. as we would like to get as many helpful hints and motivational responses for every pound Virgil intends to lose.We will provide updates monthly! Your words could equal 150lbs.!

Weight Loss Wednesday

Sticking with WWL-TVs Weight Loss Wednesday…we have a great story to share from St. Bernard Parish!

“….Well, it was official; he weighed in at 380 pounds….”   Jonathon Sanders Before

“…Jonathon is like a new person now. He no longer walks slowly down the hallway dragging his feet; looking at the ground and feeling so sad…. He says he has a lot more friends this year and the daily smiles on his face are priceless.”

See how much weight he lost and what he looks like now