Medal Monday

Athlete showing medals off

It’s our first Medal Monday of 2018! You know what to do…share with us your Medal Monday pictures in the comments! Make sure you use #medalmonday!


The Next 20 years

“We’ve got to be so proud of what our special friends do and their future. Their possibility of really bringing to the world something that really resembles peace, hope, faith and love that’s what they can do. And we’re so proud of them. And we want to keep going all the time, the next 20 years. I’m going. You coming with me?” – Eunice Kennedy Shriver

State Summer Games 2012 Winner

Greater than any game

“What you are winning by your courage is far greater than any game. You are winning life itself and in doing, you give to others a most precious prize…faith in the unlimited possibilities of the human spirit.”  – Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Camp Shriver SOLA picture