Joel Murray to compete in National Golf Tournament

We are proud to announce that Special Olympics Louisiana athlete, Joel Murray has been selected to participate in the National AT&T Pro-Am golf event. Joel will spend several days, at the end of this month, practicing and golfing with national golf celebrities. Only 4 Special Olympics athletes were chosen for this honor in the entire country!

Joel Murray at the World Games in Athens, Greece

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Joel Murray is an outstanding athlete, he won the Special Olympics National Golf Invitational Tournament with a career-best 73 in his final round! This score broke the Special Olympics 18-hole scoring record. In 2009, was selected as the Special Olympics Louisiana Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year. In 2010, place second at the Special Olympics USA National Games and in 2011, place second at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece. Please join us in congratulating Joel on this tremendous honor!

Finding the Words

We recently came across an article in the Huffington Post, titled: Finding The Words To Talk About Disability

Some of the quotes that stood out the most were, “…just because I have a daughter with a disability doesn’t mean that I know how to talk about disabilities with my children.” and “Our particularities were different, but I came to understand that we all have limitations and places of vulnerability and need, and we all have possibilities for joy and relationships and self-giving.” Read the entire article

It is so true that people who have never been exposed to someone with special needs have so many questions in the beginning. But before they know it, they realized how many new things they learn not only about human beings but about differences rather than limitations.

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Meet Loretta Claiborne

Our special guest for the weekend is….Loretta Claiborne! We are very excited to have Special Olympics celebrity Loretta Claiborne as our special guest this weekend. Just googling her name gives over 10,000+ results!

Loretta Claiborne

Born the fourth of seven children in a low income single parent family, Loretta Claiborne struggled with walking and talking from an early age as she born partially blind. Yet although Claiborne didn’t speak or run until her fourth birthday, it wasn’t long until she discovered a love of running.

As a teen Loretta Claiborne was mocked for her special needs, and she describes herself as having been “angry” during that time frame, partially because of an expulsion from school and getting fired from one of her first jobs. A social worker by the name of Janet McFarland took Claiborne’s anger and channeled that energy into running. Suddenly, Claiborne found a way to excel, while still being true to her mischievous yet spiritual self.

Now in her fifties, Claiborne still runs five miles a day. She has finished more than 25 marathons, has run with the torch for the World Special Olympics, speaks four languages, holds a black belt in karate, and was awarded honorary doctorate degrees from both Quinnipiac College and Villanova University – a feat that, according to the Special Olympics committee, is an honor that has yet to be bestowed on any other Special Olympian.

Learn more about Loretta Claiborne. You can meet Loretta at the 2012 State Indoor Games at Friday night’s Opening Ceremonies.