“I am Happy to Be Me”

I am Happy to Be MeSpecial Olympics Louisiana athlete, Sean Adams recently published a book titled, “I am Happy to Be Me”. In the book Sean talks about what life is like, growing up with Down Syndrome. He hopes that his book will show the world that people with intellectual disabilities can accomplish anything they set their mind to! Sean is a wealth of knowledge, strong Christian, great public speaker and wonderful member of the Special Olympics Louisiana family!

To check out Sean’s book, buy a copy or download it digitally, check out Tate Publishing’s Website.

Gazette writer gets it

A sports writer often gets asked why he/she covers Special Olympics events…many feel these articles should be under the warm and fuzzy section and not sports. One writer from the Gazettes really gets it! Below is an excerpt:

“At the track, I marvel as always as kids pull themselves out of wheelchairs and do things I’ve never been able to do. Yes, it’s certainly wonderful that kids are given a chance to compete. But people focus too much on that ‘chance,’ and not enough on how hard those kids compete. After a young woman won silver in a 50-meter sprint (at a faster pace than most people I know), she came running up to me, holding up her medal and yelling, ‘I got it! I got it!’

And in that moment, I got it too. Most of the thousands of athletes who compete at the Summer Games don’t finish, and think, ‘Good for me.’ They want to win—they want to compete. And they do, at a high level.”

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Great Job Mike Guardabascio!