Athlete’s point of view

Northwest Area athlete and Athlete Leadership Council memNW Channing Ewing with Jed Collinsber, Channing Ewing reflects on this past weekend’s State Summer Games: “I really enjoyed hanging around all of the dignitaries and sitting by New Orleans Saints Fullback, Jed Collins at Opening Ceremonies. I even got to say the Athlete Oath in front everybody which was cool. I thought the bands that played before opening ceremonies and at the dance were amazing and wonderful!!!!  I even thought that the cars at the Golden Oldies Classic Car were awesome!! I really liked getting to meet the football players.”

If you attended the recent State Summer Games, what are your thoughts?

It’s UP to YOU

We have been a little crazy around here, with the recent State Summer Games and in the process of revamping our website, we haven’t had time to blog! With that being said, what types of topics do you want to hear about? What would you like us to post about? OR do you have a topic, video, article, picture, etc. you want to share? Let us know about it. You can comment on this post or email us.

Happy Game Week

Well, it is finally here.  It’s State Summer Games week!  Our athletes have been training hard for the last few months and they are ready to compete.  The Games Management Team has also been working hard and are ready to put on a great event.

All are invited to attend and watch competition this coming weekend on the campus of State Summer GamesSoutheastern Louisiana University, starting with Opening Ceremonies on Friday, May 24th.  Come out for 6pm to Strawberry Stadium for a military flag football game, a car show from the Golden Oldies Motor Club, concessions served by Walmart, and music by Dysfunktional Bone!  Then, Opening Ceremonies will kick off at 7:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!  Leave a comment to wish our athletes good luck!


Fans in the Stands

You have read about and know that State Summer Games will take place on May 24-26th (Memorial Day Weekend) in Hammond, LA on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University.  But, did you know that our Opening Ceremonies will be held on Friday, May 24th at 7:30p in Strawberry Stadium?  It’s true!  We want you to be a FAN in the Stands!  Come out an cheer on our athletes!

It's not Special if no one is there to see it!

It’s not Special if no one is there to see it! Come cheer on our athletes as they parade into Strawberry Stadium.

But, wait, there’s more!  Starting at 6:00p, a flag football game will take place in the stadium featuring members of the military and Special Olympics Louisiana athletes!  Plus, outside the stadium, there will be a car show from the Golden Oldies Motor Club and you can purchase concessions from Walmart!

Once you have taken a look at the cars and grabbed a bite to eat, head into Strawberry Stadium to yell, stomp, and cheer for our athletes!

Need more info?  Call us!  1-800-345-6644

More the Same than Different

Special Olympics International recently wrote on their blog a statistic that surprised us. “While talking about how the human genome was mapped during his presidency, he said he learned at the end that we’re all 99.5% the same. Most of the differences you see between two people are determined by the remaining .5%. Yet, we focus so much on that minute .5% that makes us different from one another instead of the 99.5% that makes us the same. We must help the world recognize that 99.5% in a much bigger way.” Read the full post

Wow! .5% difference. It is mind boggling to think that .5% is what forms stereotypes, obstacles and barriers for those with intellectual disabilities. We encourage you to look deeper and find the similarities in others not the differences.


Basketball Clinic

This Wednesday, athletes from two different areas will head to the University of New Orleans for a basketball clinic.  Coach Mark Slessinger and his team will coach our athletes on the fundamentals of basketball, but will also get the chance to play a game against the UNO athletes!  UNO Basketball Team with SOLA Athletes

Athletes that have attended in the past have had a great time and we are expecting another great clinic.

Check back later for pictures and stories.