Great strides for Health

SOLA SSG 2012 Health Promotion Jessica Boles and Antonio Recently, four of our accomplished athletes were welcomed onstage at the opening of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) by former President Clinton to help announce a transformational, $12 million gift to Special Olympics made by Tom Golisano – a longtime champion of the rights and abilities for people with intellectual differences.

Tom’s support is the largest individual gift in the history of our movement. However it’s not just the amount, but rather the impact that it will have, that makes it extraordinary.

Thanks to this support, we will be able to extend the scope and reach of our health programming to reach hundreds of thousands more people with intellectual disabilities worldwide. It will allow us to continue to leverage the global grassroots convening power of our year-round sports training and competitions to engage more health practitioners and new partners in providing expanded, community-based health care to people with intellectual disabilities. More on the gift, and the impact it will have, can be found below.

Watch the press conference with former President Bill Clinton

Read the press release

Learn more about the commitment and Healthy Athletes


Put Yourself in the Picture

The January Special Olympics World Games in PyeongChang, South Korea are quickly approaching.

Did you know that you can support all the athletes, coaches, and volunteers from right where you are sitting? You can do this by taking a photo with the mascots- Ra, In, Bow! Doing this will help to represent your city, town, and country!


Click here to learn more about the World Winter Games.

Get Involved

Special Olympics Louisiana is searching for professionals with various skill sets to help run the “business” of Special Olympics Louisiana in your area.  You will be helping to provide thousands of people with intellectual disabilities a chance to compete right in your community!

We are looking to fill these positions immediately:  administration, sports & competition, public relations and volunteering.  Other positions, such as fundraising, family outreach, and training will be filled in the future.

If you are ready to get involved, or want more info, give us a call today at 1-800-345-6644 or send us an email.

Don’t wait.  Call today!


2012 Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day

This weekend marks several important milestones and celebrations for the Special Olympics Movement. 50 years ago this week, Eunice Kennedy Shriver wrote an article in the Saturday Evening Post  that for the first time shared her family’s personal story – their hopes and struggles on behalf of her sister Rosemary, who had an intellectual disability. This Saturday, 22 September, we carry on her legacy to unleash the gifts and talents of people with intellectual disabilities as we celebrate the third annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) Day. Special Olympics Chairman and CEO Tim Shriver reflects on that legacy in this special video message:

Tim Shriver talks about 2012 EKS Day

An Individual Parent

Ahoy Maties!

“Sometimes the persistence of an individual parent in the instrument which breaks important new ground.” – these words were written by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 50 years ago,  in her article to the Sunday Evening Post about the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

Mike and Aaron Rhodes at Over the Edge 2012





– Good’ay Mates

Plane Pull

Have you ever had the crazy idea to push yourself to the limit??

Now is your chance with the Special Olympics Louisiana Plane Pull! Join us, along with law enforcement agencies, as we pull a Fed Ex B727-200 an amazing 12 feet at the Lafayette Regional Airport. Teams of 20 will compete on November 3rd for the titles of: Fastest Team, Slowest Team, and Best Dressed Team! Come on down and see what all the fun is about!

For more information and registration to participate, please visit the event website.

If you’re looking to volunteer- sign up today!

People helping people

“When I saw Special Olympics Project Unify post this on Facebook and when I read this article, I was amazed that homeless children would help raise money for Special Olympics. These children had set up a lemonade stand and they helped raise over 1,000 dollars. The children agreed to donate half of the money they helped raise to help fund Special Olympics and the other half was donated to help fund a trip to Busch Gardens. To me, this was shocking because who would have thought that the needy would help out other needy people? People that live in poverty struggle on a daily basis trying to get their lives together, and these young children took the time to actually reach out and help distribute money that would help Special Olympics in their continuous mission to reach out to all people with both intellectual and physical disabilities.”

Special Olympics Louisiana athlete, Ashley Arceneaux

Read more about this article here.