CEO Corner

Many peopleceo-corner are not aware that Special Olympics sports is a catalyst through which our athletes build self-esteem, courage, pride and friendships. 

Many people are not aware that Special Olympics Louisiana has to raise $2 million each year in Louisiana in order to provide these life changing qualities in our athletes.

Many people are not aware we need their time and money to help us offer our programs to our athletes.

Please help us spread the word – our athletes need your support.

Click here to support Special Olympics Louisiana. 

Pat Carpenter Bourgeois
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

CEO Corner- Joy of Sport

CEO CornerSpecial Olympics is a global organization that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sport, everyday around the world. Through programming in sports, health, education and community building, Special Olympics is changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities solving the global injustice, isolation, intolerance and inactivity they face.

I just heard another fantastic story of how Special Olympics Louisiana is building self-confidence. The father of one of our athletes told us his son never really talked much and would not look people in the eye. Since he has become involved in Special Olympics, he has changed. He is now talking with people, shaking hands, and looking them in the eye.  We are making a difference to those who are in our program, and we need to offer this program to the more than 120,000 of those who have not yet had the chance.

People with special needs are often the most caring of people. They do things without expectations of reward. They do things because it seems right to them. I challenge YOU. Bring a friend who has never been to a Special Olympics event to the next one you attend, talk to someone in your school with special needs that you wouldn’t typically hangout with, sign up now to volunteer, coach, or play unified with us! You can even make a difference by donating today! Join me in celebrating those people with special needs who have true hearts and true spirits. If you would like to help us instill confidence, change attitudes, and get more than you give, contact Special Olympics Louisiana. You can make the difference.

Pat Carpenter Bourgeois
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

CEO Corner – Unified Partners

CEO CornerSpecial Olympics Unified Sports® promotes people with and without intellectual disabilities playing on the same team together. These peers of similar ability and age are called Unified Partners, they train and compete alongside Special Olympics athletes. We have seen that pairing these two groups together promotes understanding and friendships.

Special Olympics Louisiana is looking for Unified Partners to train and work alongside our athletes. Anyone in Elementary to College and beyond can become a Unified Partner.
Contact our office today to sign up. We promise you will not regret it!

Encouraging the Best

CEO CornerIt would be interesting to know how you challenge or encourage your spouse, your child, your friends, to become the best person they can be. How do you encourage them to excel? To be better tomorrow than they are today?  Give us your thoughts.

Pat Carpenter Bourgeois
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

What it means to Volunteer

CEO CornerLately, I have talked to many people who have recounted their volunteer stories and what it means to volunteer.  I have seen a common thread running through each story.  Volunteers talk about how they became involved in Special Olympics because they wanted to help Special Olympics athletes.  The volunteers ultimately learned THEY were the ones who benefited from their volunteerism.  They shared stories of being emotionally moved by getting to know our athletes; they have been touched by hearing athlete stories of overcoming adversity; and inspired through stories of athletes becoming more than they dreamed they could become. Do you have a volunteer story you would like to share?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, Special Olympics Louisiana President and CEO

Special Olympics teaches…

CEO CornerSeveral months ago I was talking with a parent of a Special Olympics athlete.  I asked the Dad how Special Olympics had impacted his family.  His response was, “Special Olympics has made it okay for people to look at people with disabilities”.  Immediately I knew what he meant.  Many of us were raised not to stare at people with disabilities.  Special Olympics made it okay to look, and made it okay to engage persons with disabilities in conversation and to have them as friends.  If you have a child with a disability, if you are a volunteer, what has Special Olympics taught you?

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

Fans in the Stands?

CEO CornerSpecial Olympics wants to better engage individuals in the community.  The State Fall Classic is this weekend in Carencro, LA.  More than likely there will be a few parents, volunteers, coaches and teams in the stand watching the athletes participate.  The stands are almost never full.  The community doesn’t know about the event even though we send press releases to local papers and take other steps to get the word to the community. How can we overcome this issue and put “Fans in the Stands”? Tell us your opinion!

– Pat Carpenter Bourgeois, President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana

CEO Corner – Talent

CEO CornerMany of you watch the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent”.  Did you know Special Olympics athletes have talent. Some of our athletes can sing beautifully, draw and paint.  Do you know of someone who has a terrific talent within Special Olympics Louisiana?

Pat Carpenter Bourgeois
President and CEO of Special Olympics Louisiana